Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes 2021: Reviews + Buying Guide


While it will never match the popularity of its outdoor counterpart, indoor soccer is something that is becoming a lot more popular, especially in parts of the world that are colder.

Indoor soccer allows fans of the game to play year round, even when the conditions outside wouldn’t allow them to play normal soccer.

However, indoor soccer, despite being largely the same game, does require some different equipment, namely, shoes. Indoor soccer shoes are actually quite a bit different than their outdoor counterparts (for reasons that will be discussed later on).

In this review list, we will be going over some indoor soccer shoes that we think qualify as the best for various reasons.

If you want to know which soccer shoes we consider to be the overall best indoor soccer shoes, then you should go for the adidas X Ghosted.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe.

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes 2021: Reviews + Buying Guide

adidas X Ghosted.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe


Diadora Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes


adidas Performance Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe


PUMA Men's Future 5.4 It Sneaker


adidas Nemeziz 19.3 Indoor Boots Soccer Shoe


adidas X Ghosted.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe

For the first review on our best indoor soccer shoes list, we are going to do a review of the adidas X Ghosted.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe.

Those of you who are even remotely familiar with soccer shoes (or athletic shoes in general) will instantly recognize why we are reviewing this shoe.

Adidas is easily one of the best brands out there when it comes to soccer shoes and you can never go wrong with one of their shoes, and this one is no different.

In fact, we would say that these shoes are so good that it actually ends up being tricky to pick which feature that we want to talk about first. Probably the best feature to talk about is how light these shoes are. Much later on when we do our buying guide, we will talk about some of the most important things to consider when buying indoor soccer shoes, but we will tell you that one of those things is the weight of the shoe.

A lighter shoe makes it easier for you to play for longer periods of time without getting as tired and it also makes you noticeably quicker. These shoes from adidas are extremely light. They feel like you are wearing almost nothing, it is truly amazing. At the same time, don’t get the wrong idea about these shoes, they are incredibly supportive and comfortable, despite their really lightweight design.

While these aren’t super expensive shoes when you consider the quality of them and the brand that they are from, we do have to talk a bit about their price. At the upper limit, these shoes can end up costing in the $150 range.

On the surface, that seems like a lot, but it isn’t too bad given all the various factors that we mentioned before. On the other hand, we also have to admit that this price is likely to make these shoes a bit of an unsuitable option for those who are just playing casually and just want a cheap indoor soccer shoe.

  • Pros
  • Supportive and well-made.
  • Incredibly light.
  • Helps to improve your speed when playing.
  • Cons
  • Probably cost a bit too much for some more casual players.

Diadora Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes

For this next review, we want to take a quick look at the first pair of shoes on this list that aren’t from adidas, which is the Diadora Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes. While these aren’t from a famous brand, they do have some advantages.

For example, they are much more affordable than your average Nike or adidas shoe. Likewise, these shoes manage to still be very comfortable and supportive, in spite of the fact that they charge so little compared to the bigger name brands. Overall, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, give these shoes a try.

  • Pros
  • Affordable.
  • Pretty comfortable overall.
  • Good at supporting your feet.
  • Cons
  • Could be more breathable.

adidas Performance Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe

For the next review on our best indoor soccer shoe list, we are going to review yet another soccer shoe from adidas. Those of you who have been diligently following along with our review list will remember the first review that we did on this article was also from adidas.

Some of you may be curious why we are reviewing yet another shoe from them. Well, to put it simply, these are just one of the best brands out there, so it only makes sense that we would be doing multiple reviews of their shoes on this list.

If you remember our last review of an adidas soccer shoe, then you will probably remember that we talked a lot about how light that shoe was. Well, we are glad to say that the same can be said about this soccer shoe from them as well. It is a tiny bit heavier overall, but when compared to a lot of the other shoes that you will find out in the wild. As was the case with those other lightweight shoes, having less weight on your feet makes you faster and more responsive overall.

Likewise, just because these shoes are lighter doesn’t mean that they are in any way less supportive or less comfortable overall. In fact, these shoes are extremely good in both of those categories.

You will love wearing them, even for long periods of time. Do you know how your feet always seem to feel sore after long matches? Well, with these shoes that will be a thing of the past. You can play for long amounts of time with no real long-term pain. Your injury risk is also greatly reduced.

One issue that we will bring up with this shoe is how expensive it is. Now, this likely isn’t going to come as a big surprise if you read one of the last reviews on our list, then you no doubt recall that we already reviewed one shoe from adidas and that an issue with that shoe was how expensive it was.

Sadly, this is just something that you have to deal with when it comes to these sorts of athletic shoes. Brand ends up mattering a lot when it comes to these shoes and the prices reflect that. If the price of the shoe is a no-go for you, then we recommend going for one of the other options on this list.

  • Pros
  • Reduce injury risk when playing severely.
  • Great for any indoor spot, not just soccer.
  • Like all adidas shoes they are fairly lightweight.
  • Just well-made shoes in general.
  • Cons
  • Another relatively expensive shoe.

PUMA Future 5.4 It Sneaker

For this next review on our best indoor soccer shoes list, we are once again taking a look at some shoes that aren’t from adidas or any other really well-known brand.

Instead, they are from PUMA, a brand that makes decent, affordable shoes, but that isn’t really particularly known for athletic shoes of any type. However, they have managed to make a shoe option that is actually really good for playing indoor soccer, which is the PUMA Future 5.4 It Sneaker.

This sneaker may not have a flashy name attached or anything like that, but it is actually a surprisingly comfortable, well-designed shoe overall. It also happens to be a great option for anyone who is on something of a limited budget.

In terms of cost, this is definitely one of the more affordable options on this list. While its price tag of around $50 may not be all that cheap to some, as those of you who have been reading through our list can see for yourself, as far as athletic shoes go, it is quite cheap overall. So, those of you who are trying to keep expenses down will want to give these shoes some serious consideration.

At the same time, and as is the case whenever we are reviewing one of these less expensive shoes, we have to make clear that they aren’t extremely cheap shoes in the slightest. In fact, these are very well-made, given their price.

There are a couple good features on this shoe that you just wouldn’t expect to find in a shoe that only ends up costing around $50. For example, it has a very nice rubber sole that gives you solid footing. It also has a breathable exterior. Finally, it is just a fairly supportive shoe in general.

  • Pros
  • Offers decent support.
  • Good, breathable exterior.
  • Made from a great synthetic material.
  • Cons
  • Not that durable.

adidas Nemeziz 19.3 Indoor Boots Soccer Shoe

For the final review on our best indoor soccer shoes article, we are going to be taking a look at yet one more shoe from adidas. We started off the list this way, so it only makes sense to end it off with a shoe from them. The adidas Nemeziz are one of their better indoor soccer shoe options, and we think most of you out there will feel the same way about them.

Easily the most notable feature about these soccer shoes is their very soft design. These are the softest shoes that we have reviewed on this list. They are both extremely soft and light, which makes it feel like you are wearing pillows on your feet.

What benefit does this have for you? Simple, it helps to keep you from experiencing soreness after a long play session.

While in general we like the softness of this adidas shoe, we do have to say that we could imagine this causing some issues. To be a bit more specific, those of you who like having a bit more structure in your shoe may find the overt softness of the adidas Nemeziz to be a bit off-putting.

While we label this as a “con,” be aware that this is really only a negative if your personal preferences make it so. We imagine that many of you will enjoy the softness of this shoe, despite it being listed as a negative.

  • Pros
  • Extremely breathable.
  • Some of the softest soccer shoes around.
  • Very light.
  • Cons
  • Might not be stiff enough for some

Indoor Soccer Shoe Buying Guide

As we said in the introduction, and as we will repeat again, indoor soccer shoes just aren’t all that common when compared to outdoor soccer shoes. This ultimately has to do with the fact that of the two sports, outdoor soccer is just the more popular of the two.

Because of this, buying good indoor soccer shoes can sometimes be a bit tricky since they aren’t anywhere near as common. That is ultimately why we decided on including a secondary part of this article, which is what this buying guide is.

In this buying guide, we aren’t going to be doing any product reviews whatsoever. Instead, we will be focusing on some information that we think is important for anyone buying an indoor soccer shoe to know.

We are primarily going to focus on the differences between indoor and outdoor soccer shoes, but some other things that those of you buying these shoes might find interesting will also be discussed.

Indoor and Outdoor Soccer Shoes: What’s the Difference?

The first and most pertinent thing that needs to be discussed in this buying guide are the differences between the two main types of soccer shoes.

Ultimately, despite the differences between the two sports, buying shoes for each is actually a relatively similar process. Good indoor soccer shoes and good outdoor soccer shoes are actually very similar, but there are some notable differences, and we are going to focus in on what we think is the key one.

Unlike outdoor soccer shoes, where your main priority when buying one is finding a shoe with a really good cleat setup (since that enables you to not slip when on the field), your main goal when buying an indoor soccer shoe is to find one that has a good ability to grip the floor that you are playing on.

See, easily the chief problem that you face from a safety perspective when it comes to playing indoor soccer is the possibility that you might slip while playing.

While slipping may not sound like its all that dangerous, it is the number one cause of injuries when playing on any sort of indoor surface (this includes soccer, basketball, etc.). Sure, most slips won’t cause any serious injuries, but every time you lose your footing, you do run the risk of not landing correctly when you jump, tearing a muscle, pulling a muscle, snapping a tendon, or any one of a number of other injuries. This is why it is so important that you find indoor soccer shoes that get you a solid grip on the floor.

As you hopefully saw from our review list, finding indoor soccer shoes that give you a secure grip on the floor isn’t all that difficult. You just have to look for shoes with a special pattern or material on that bottom that helps the shoe to maintain a firm grasp on even the slipperiest floor.

How Well It Fits

One of the most important, if not the most important, things that you need to consider when buying a shoe for use on an indoor soccer court is how well the shoe fits.

On the surface, this kind of seems like an obvious point but bear with us. Another big risk that you face when playing soccer or any sport that has a lot of sudden, rapid changes in speed and direction, is the risk of your feet shifting in your shoes.

It may sound odd at first, but the dangers of over pronation (rotating your feet too much) inside your shoe is another big danger that can end up causing some serious injuries. This is why you need shoes that fit relatively tightly and that “lock” your feet in place, which prevents your feet from rotating.

This is also why you should ideally look for something from a relatively high-end brand when it comes to buying indoor soccer shoes, since you need a good shoe that isn’t going to wear out and loosen up after just a few months use.

How Heavy The Shoe Is

Continuing on with our buying guide, we want to take the chance to specifically caution you about how much your shoes can weigh. As with the last point that we talked about, this one is easy to ignore or overlook because it just doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it is.

The concept is quite simple, shoes that weigh more, slow you down more and fatigue you more. Soccer (both indoor and outdoor) is a sport that is heavily based on speed and endurance. The best indoor soccer shoes are ones that are on the lighter side as this has a positive impact on your speed and your endurance. The weight of the shoe also played a big role in our decision making process for picking which shoes to review on our list.


We have attached a comment section to go along with our best indoor soccer shoes article so that any of you who still have some questions that need to be answered can get them answered down below.

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